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A Study on the Critical Thinking of Wu Jutong

作者: 专业:科学技术哲学 导师:陈君 年度:2015 学位:硕士  院校: 广州中医药大学


Wu Jutong, critical thinking, modern value

    Previous research on the academic thought of Wu Jutong tends to focus more on his medical skills and ethics, and few study has been done regarding his thinking pattern. Though some scholars did research on Wu’s thinking pattern, their attention was usually drawn to such fields as diagram-number thinking, analogical thinking, dynamic thinking, system thinking and dialectical thinking, etc. while the perspective of critical thinking is neglected to a certain extent in terms of the interpretation of Wu’s thought. Therefore, it is of great value and significance to achieve a veritable comprehension of Wu’s academic thought on the basis of a re-collecting and sorting of material in relation to his thinking pattern in line with the principle of "seeking truth from facts" and by means of taking "critical thinking" as the main line, which will enable a furtherly profound and thought-provoking approach of Wu’s academic heritage.The present thesis attempts to approach Wu’s critical thinking heritage from three major perspective, namely the socio-cultural backgrounds, the interpretation of thinking pattern and the modern influence and reassessed value. The research objective of this thesis is threefold. First, by investigating the socio-cultural backgrounds of Wu, we endeavor to discover and explicate the origin of his critical thinking; second, by interpreting Wu’s critical thinking from the perspective of thinking mentality, we endeavor to deepen the understanding of Wu’s thinking pattern; third, by elaborating on the influence of Wu’s critical thinking and reassessment of its modern significance, we aim at extracting and providing reference for contemporary life. The present study combines certain research methods such as literature research and philosophical reflection, macroscopic and microscopic analyses, straightening out of historical records and elevation on a logical basis, and tries to propose an integrated approach to solve the research questions. The tendency of critical thinking and critical thinking skills are placed in the time-setting of present and future, which constitutes the basic logical framework.The thesis is guided by the dialectical materialism, combined with the existing research findings, and adopt a philosophical way of thinking in order to extract the good and discard the dregs from traditional culture, thus proposing a better way out for the valuable heritage of Chinese medicine, in particular the excellent thought within. Furthermore, the thesis explores its modern value, and aims to tell people that critical thinking is not only a form of thinking parallel to the informal logic, but also a good quality when thinking is concerned. People should adhere to such critical thinking-based learning methods and attitudes as independent thinking, rhetorical questions, multidimensional textual research and reflection, and get rid of such fetters as book-only doctrine, unreasonable belief in authority, experience-orientation and blind conformity.


第一章 绪论9-13
        (一) 研究背景9
        (二) 研究意义9
        (一) 吴鞠通批判性思维研究现状10
        (二) 吴鞠通批判性思维研究展望10-11
        (一) 研究目的11
        (二) 研究方法11-12
        (三) 技术路线12-13
第二章 吴鞠通批判性思维形成的背景13-19
        (一) 批判性思维的概念及其含义13-14
        (二) 传统思维框架下的批判性思维14
        (三) 东西方对批判性思维的认识和理解14-16
第三章 吴鞠通批判性思维的特征19-29
        (一) 吴鞠通批判性思维的前提条件19-20
        (二) 吴鞠通批判性思维的内在历程20-22
        (三) 吴鞠通批判性思维的精神核心22-23
        (一) 吴鞠通对问题的界定及解析23
        (二) 吴鞠通区分和评价信息材料的能力23-24
        (三) 吴鞠通析病与治病的独特模型24-25
        (四) 吴鞠通批判性思维的整体思辨性25-26
        (五) 吴鞠通取类比象的逻辑分析26-27
        (一) 创立三焦辨证体系27
        (二) 临床与理论的反复推理、验证27-29
第四章 吴鞠通批判性思维对后来中医治学的影响和启示29-38
        (一) 医学理论上的影响29-30
        (二) 治学精神上的影响30-31
        (三) 临床实践上的影响31-32
        (一) 吴鞠通批判性思维对当代中医生学术气质培养的引领作用32-34
        (二) 吴鞠通批判性思维对中医生提高辨识能力有启示价值34-38



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