Width-Dependent Optical Properties for Zigzag-Edge Silicene Nanoribbons



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     We study theoretically the optical response for perfect zigzag-edge silicene nanoribbons with N silicon atoms of the A and B sublattices(N-ZSiNRs) under the irradiation of an external electromagnetic field at low temperatures.The 8- and 16-ZSiNRs are demonstrated to exhibit a broad energy regime of absorption coefficient, refractive index, extinction coefficient, and reflectivity from infrared to ultraviolet, utilizing the dipole-transition theorem for semiconductors. The optical spectra for 8- and 16-ZSiNRs may be classified into two types of the transitions,one between valence and conduction subbands with the same parity, and the other among the edge state and bulk state subbands. With the increase of the ribbon width, the optical spectra for ZSiNRs are proved to exhibit red shift and blue shift at the lower and higher energy regimes, respectively. The obtained novel features are believed to be of significance in designs of silicene-based optoelectronic devices.


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